The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2016-2017

The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2016-2017
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The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2016-2017
Report Author: Christopher J. Dwyer - Research Director, Ardent Partners

Thank you for participating in Ardent Partners' annual contingent workforce management (CWM) research effort. Our goal is to publish the industry's definitive "guidebook" on the evolution of non-employee labor and present a comprehensive research report on the impact of the "gig economy" and "future of work."

For the purposes of this research study, "contingent labor" and "non-employee talent" includes: temporary workers, independent contractors, professional services, SOW-based labor, freelancers, robotics, external workers, and "gig" workers. 

Please note the last survey question which asks if you would be willing to participate in a 15-20 minute interview with the Ardent Partners Research Team. Your discussion may remain completely anonymous.The first 100 participants to this survey will be invited to an exclusive "early research findings" webinar in mid-September.

 As a thank you for taking this ~15-minute survey, you will receive a free copy of the report when it publishes in October 2016. 
1. How is contingent and non-employee labor perceived at your organization?
2. From a procurement perspective, which of the following attributes of contingent workforce management (CWM) are considered key challenges for your program over the next two years? (Select all that apply.)